Born 1970 in southern California behind the Orange Curtain, Zander escaped and went to the Air Force after high school only to be honorably discharged for

“Failure to Adapt to Military Life”, a badge of courage he now proudly wears. Before finishing from a long list of college experiences, he was recruited in 1994 to help redesign NBC’s on-air time and introduce computers into the network for production and editing. After noticing that not many people had a lot to smile about in the business, he terminated his employment, much to the shock of his family and friends, and started to travel.

Keeping him constantly occupied on his journeys were his hack sacks and his art. Completing ten years of exploring this planet and accumulating a wealth of skills, among these, sketching, he has now “settled down” on the beautiful island of Kaua‘i with his son, Tristan, who continually reminds him what life is all about.

After experimenting with many mediums, Zander found simple ink and color pencils on a easily portable drawing pad fit well into the vagabond lifestyle. The landscape style drawing pad provided the ideal setting for bookmark sized colour souvenirs. Starting in 2001 he started adapting the artwork into holiday presents for family and friends, and they forgave him for leaving the system for awhile.

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